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We slept steps from the ocean for just $28 | Outer Banks, NC

Beachfront vacations are what I look forward to every summer, but have you looked at prices recently? It’s getting more expensive by the year to book something on the North Carolina coast for a weekend. I was getting priced out, so I had to make a decision. I had to either take fewer beach trips…or I had to get creative.

I chose to get creative.

Now, every year I head down to the famous Outer Banks of North Carolina for a budget-friendly camping trip in the dunes.

Introducing The Oregon Inlet Campground. This campground is run by the state park service, is fully staffed, has separate loops for tent campers and RV campers, and has a well-kept bathhouse with showers and toilets, making it as comfortable a camping experience as you’ll find.

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This is one of the most sought-after campsites on the North Carolina coast, so book it while you still can!

The Overall Experience

If you haven’t been to the Outer Banks, then you’re missing out. But even if you have vacationed out there, it’s likely you stayed in Nags Head or Kitty Hawk, and while those towns are beautiful in their own right, but if you head south just a bit, it’s an entirely different scene.

The natural beaches of the Outer Banks are breathtaking. It’s a whole different beach experience and one that really connects you with nature and puts you in awe of the landscape. One of the best ways to enjoy it all is to set up a tent and camp out with some friends.

Each campsite has a nice, open area to set up shop. The RV loop has plug-ins, but we usually opt for the more natural experience of pitching a tent. There is a charcoal grill and an area to park.

After your day at the beach you might want to hit Food Lion and grab some things to grill out (only 10 mins north) or go to a restuarant to get dinner and drinks (many just 10 mins north in Nags Head.) Either way, it makes for a really fun and budget friendly getaway.

Must Bring Essentials

While this isn’t camping in the wild, it still calls for a good deal of preparation if you want to really enjoy your trip. Packing these essentials will help you have a stress free trip.

  • Tent with rain-cover and long metal stakes to hold down your tent in case of wind
  • Charcoal for grilling and a lighter to get it started
  • Sunshade or canopy. There is no shade to be found, so bringing your own is a must.
  • Cooler for food and drinks
  • Spare battery charger for your phone if you want to stay connected
  • Sleeping pad and sleeping bag.
  • Tarp or blanket. There are some areas have sand spurs in some spots that are pretty pinchy.
  • Sunscreen. Again, not much shade, so be ready!
  • Mosquito spray. If the wind dies down the mosquitos can get bad at times.
  • Battery power fan. If you are camping in the summer and the wind dies down, it gets hot!

Pro-Tips for the Oregon Inlet Campground

Part of the fun of camping or getting out in nature is that you can shut off your mind and just relax. However, preparing yourself for the elements and knowing what to expect go a long way in you being able to do that. Here are a few pro-tips that we wanted to share:

If you’re booking a tent site with a large family, the row of sites closer to the road offer the most open space for the kids to run around and play, but if the sites near the ocean are a little more magical. They sit right behind the dunes, with the ocean on the other side. If you book those, you’ll likely have more chance to get that nightly breeze that keeps the bugs away and keeps you cooler at night (in the summer). The tradeoff is that those sites in the dunes have a lot of little sand briers that are really painful to step on and get all over you if you’re not careful. Oh, and if you’re bringing a dog, keep them away from those areas, the burs get in their fur and are almost impossible to get out.

Please note. We do not represent this property in any way. If you’d like to book it, the link is above in the “Book this Property” section of the article.

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