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If you’re thinking about planning a trip to Western North Carolina One great destination is Boone, NC!

It’s a little over 3 hours from Raleigh (NC’s capital city), but the drive is super easy if you don’t hit work traffic.

Trust me when I say it has things for everyone of all ages to do. There are attractions like Tweetsie Railroad, museums, ziplining, hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, etc..

Despite majority of the population being college students, you still get that cute old town feel when you’re walking downtown. You see all walks of life and I think that’s what makes Boone so special!

Whether you’re visiting in the Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall Boone will always be inviting. It looks and feels different every season which is something you won’t get everywhere!

Where to stay

Depending on what time of year you choose to visit Boone it might be difficult to find a place to stay that’s close to town or in your budget range. There are a ton of unique places to stay in Boone and in the surrounding towns, but there’s one in particular that is on our rental wishlist.

Storybook A-Frame Cabin | Close to DTWN Boone

This cabin has 2 bedrooms and sleeps 4, but is perfect for a honeymoon or a getaway with a couple of friends. It has a quaint boho feel to it and is super cozy. It’s rare to find something so close to downtown Boone at this price! You can see more about this Airbnb on our rental wishlist or click the link to go straight to the listing.

Where to eat and drink

During the time I lived in Boone I tried to explore the food and drink as much as I could, so I have some great recommendations for your first visit! Most of the restaurants are local which is something that makes the food even better. Most if not all restaurants in Boone offer vegan and vegetarian options, so if that’s you don’t worry about searching long.


Sunrise Grill

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast spot for a fair price, i’d suggest Sunrise Grill. They have a cool diner feel with a homey touch. The coffee bar and the twists they put on food is what makes this place stand out from the rest. If you’re into eggs benedict and yummy waffles this is the place to go. There’s typically a wait so I highly suggest to get there early and secure a spot. You can check out their menu on their website or facebook page.


Lily’s Snack Bar

Lily’s is a great place to stop for a smaller bite to eat that still satisfies. They always have a ton of vegan and vegetarian options which is a plus. Their menu changes pretty much every week which I think is what makes this place so special, it gets pretty crowded at night so I suggest going here for lunch. The staff are wonderful, the music is always going, and the restaurant itself just has a nice feel. I really enjoyed the food every time I went, I would always get a po’ boy and their house made chips. Oh, and you DO NOT want to miss out on their drinks! They get super creative.



Southern comfort food? Yes please!! From chicken and waffles to pecan pie. Everything is made in house and locally sourced. They have indoor and outdoor seating, which means you can bring your furry friends! Something really unique is that they are located in the historic old jailhouse…Boone’s oldest building. How cool? The food and atmosphere are something you can only experience at Proper. So reserve a table during your stay, you will not regret it.


There are a bunch of bars to choose from, but if you’re wanting to avoid college crowds it might be a little difficult. If that sounds like you, I would recommend Vidalia, CoBo Sushi Bistro & Bar, or the Horton Hotel; they are a little more upscale and the crowds aren’t as big. If crowds don’t bother you, Lily’s Snack Bar has amazing and creative drinks as I mentioned earlier and they host unique events you won’t find at any other bar!

What to do

You don’t want to miss out on what all Boone has to offer, here are some other things you can do!

-Visit Grandfather Mountain and hike the Rough Ridge trail. (We did and you can read about it here!)

-Blowing Rock attraction

-Linville Caverns

-Blue Ridge Parkway for hikes and overlooks

-Swimming holes

Other Tips

There are some tips I want to give you before making your way to Boone.

-You’ll want an AWD/4WD car if visiting in the cold months. It snows at random.

-Wear comfortable shoes, I personally like Chacos.

-Be mindful on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

-Go to Trash Can Falls, It’s a very accessible swimming hole, I recommend going before it gets too cold. It’s suitable for most ages as I’ve seen kids as young as 6, jump off the falls!

-Farmer’s Markets are great in Boone!

-Whether you stay in or go out you’ll have a good time in Boone.