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Cliff Hanger! Sleep suspended from a Cliff, over the Red River Gorge | Campton, KY

Okay, guys, this one is not for the faint of heart! But if you love heights, climbing, adventure, and unique houses, check this one out! Bolted to a cliff overlooking the Red River Gorge, the view at the top will be worth the climb!

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The cliff dwelling is booked most of the spring but has some availability going into summer!

This property consists of two structures connected by a spiral staircase. The bottom level has the kitchen, bathroom, and lofted sleeping area with a queen bed. Climbing the spiral staircase, you will get to the top structure which has a bedroom with a queen bed and large windows for a beautiful view. And to top it off, there is another deck on top of this structure with a swing and even more breathtaking views. Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning? I think I would feel like I was on the edge of the world!

The description of the cliff houses on Airbnb did not have a lot of details about the property so I read some of the reviews to get a little more information. One reviewer summarized everything so perfectly including all of the recommendations that other guests had made as well:

This was such a unique and interesting place to stay. I loved climbing the staircase and getting to explore this place. The swing on the very top was my personal favorite and such a blessing to be able to watch the sunrise and sunset at. The bed was very comfortable in the tiny house, and the tree house was absolutely perfect for heating up small intimate dinner for the two of us. This little cabin is nestled perfectly in the beauty of the gorge designed with the intention to truly take in everything around you. I LOVED the windows surrounding the bedroom in the tiny house, and everything about this stay made it feel like we got the best of both being in nature, as well as being warm and snuggled up together without having to leave the bed all weekend. Thank you for being amazing hosts and for making such an incredible stay, which was clean, fully stocked, and well kept! We loved it! Will definitely be back in the future. For other travelers- I would suggest packing everything in a backpack and make it as easy to carry as possible to get up the suspended staircase. You’ll want your hands free to hang on to the rails. We both had great cell service, but there is no wifi, so if you plan to stay in and need some entertainment, plan accordingly. They fully stocked the pillows, blankets, towels, etc. You have everything you need to cook a simple meal, but keep in mind there is no oven, only the hot pad. We did soup and hot dogs and sandwiches. Also, they have AC units in both buildings that work really well to keep a consistent temp. And they also provided a space heater which helped keep it toasty even more. If you stay up top, you have to walk down to the bottom level to use the bathroom- the stairs are lit at night with lights on a timer. I suggest bringing easy to slip on shoes if its cold/rainy. I would not recommend to families with young kids, or anyone with mobility issues because it is harder to access. I would also suggest a 4-wheel drive if you have it, they warned us about the gravel driveway ahead of time. Our car was fine even though it is not a 4WD, but we did struggle in the muddy parts, and there are a lot of big potholes on the gravel road. Overall- 10/10 and absolutely would recommend! Make sure you take lots of photos!

If you’re up for a bit of adventure, don’t mind heights, and enjoy comfy living with a beautiful view, check out this unique cliff dwelling and let us know how your stay was!