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Go ‘Glamping’ in this tucked-away Yurt near Boone | Deep Gap, NC

“Glamping” may be a buzzword circa 2014, but the idea of comfortable camping isn’t going away anytime soon! I mean, in a world where we’re always connected and always online, people need a detox and nature is the ultimate cure. That’s why places like this little Yurt are so dang popular. This nature-dome is located in Deep Gap, NC, just outside Boone, NC, and is the perfect spot to get away for a refreshing weekend amongst the trees.

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There are a lot of places to stay if you’re visiting Boone, NC, but few are as cool as this dome in the forest! It’s filling up fast so book it soon!

Camping in a tent is cool, but are your really ready to deal with the elements? If you’re not used to camping, the answer might be no. Staying in a cabin used to be the next level up, but once you’re inside, you don’t really feel like you’re out in nature and you lose a little bit of that connection. That’s why places like this are becoming so popular. They represent that middle ground that, I guess, has been dubbed “glamping.”

Just look at this space. It really brings the outdoors in. IT’s simple, minimal, allows in a ton of light, but also protects you from the elements.

Light up that wood-burning stove, sit out on the deck and listen to the drive river roll. take a hike, or heck, head into Boone, NC for a meal before coming back and lighting up a fire.

This spot really look amazing and is on our list to try as soon as possible!

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