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Tipi with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains! | Fairfield, VA

Need to decompress or reconnect with your inner self? This is the place for you. We love the glamping spots on our rental wishlist, but this one is a little more unique i’d say. It is about 10 minutes from historic Lexington so if you wanted to enjoy in town activities you could! It is secluded enough to feel disconnected from city life though. The tipi has a comfy bed, heat, and a coffee/tea station. You’ll see that there is a separate bath house and it is winterized. There are seating areas and a fire pit for your enjoyment also. The tipi is located on the hosts farm and they encourage you to socialize with them and walk the grounds as you please!

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Take advantage of the fact that this one was noticed as a popular airbnb under $100!

It seems like this one gets booked up, so if you’re in the area and in need of a getaway this is the place.

Those llamas are really drawing me in for some reason. I mean look how cute!! I can tell the hosts are very hospitable after reading through the airbnb listing. If I were to go here i’d spend most of the day hiking and exploring the farm and even getting to know the hosts. Maybe go walk historic Lexington if I had time. Then end the day by taking a hot shower and sitting by the fire.

This tipi has 800 reviews and almost 5 stars all around…yes 800 reviews. Check some out:

-“A stay you’ll definitely want to put on your bucket list!! Sara and Jeremiah are the best host! The tipi is absolutely beautiful with breath taking views! Extremely clean sleeping quarters s as well as the bath house! We will be back! Sara even had us a complimentary champagne to celebrate our anniversary ❤️”

-“Second time back, just as awesome as I remembered it!”

-“We loved our stay at the tipi. Everything good about camping with none of the bad. Warm and cozy in spite of the chill outside. It was SO comfortable. Charming hosts made us feel very welcome.”

-“As my husband said, if we could rate this 20/5 stars we would! It was an incredible experience and we cannot wait to make plans to come back! You will not be disappointed and the owners are so kind! We truly felt welcomed.”

From the exceptional hosts to the llamas, i’d say this place is well worth the money. They go above and beyond your expectations from what i’ve read. A lot of the reviews were saying they have been here multiple times and love it no less time and time again. The fact that it’s under $100 a night and located in a great area pushes this one towards the top of our list.

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