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Cliff Suspended Airbnb?? [Pirate Ship Inspired] | Campton, KY

Perched on a sandstone cliff in the Red River Gorge, is this pirate ship inspired home. With the Captain’s Quarters below and the master bedroom overlooking. The main quarters features a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The upper portion has a bed and bathroom. Something great about this place is that there is heat, air conditioning, electricity, and plumbing! Wasn’t expecting it to have most of that.

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There are still summer dates left! This can host 4 guests.

Let’s read what a couple of the past guests had to say:

  • This treehouse was so fun! I think my favorite part was the net. The stairs were worth the view and peacefulness.
  • We absolutely loved this place, if it had been warmer I could have easily found myself wanting to sleep on those nets!! it was perfect! only thing missing was a hot tub and possinly a shade for the main door! For added privacy when sharing the common space! I’m looking forward to coming back in the warmer months! this place definitely did not disappoint!

Some things to keep in mind before booking, pets are not allowed here considering the steep ladders, there is a 3% management fee that is used to encourage sustainable growth, and this is for a maximum of 4 guests.

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