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Rent a silo from the 1950s | Independence, VA

You know i’ve always wanted to look inside a silo, but this goes beyond my imagination. Who would’ve thought to turn an old silo into a home? These people did, and you can follow their restoration of this 1950’s dairy barn and silo on youtube! This place is pretty darn unique and the property is gorgeous. The mountains, the lush grass and garden, and the water that runs through really pushes this to the top of my wishlist. The two top floors are where you would stay, check out those windows! The views would be incredible. You have access to a kitchen, the grounds around the airbnb, and get this…3 dogs and 3 cats. This place is just getting better and better!

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I’m about to book mine right now. The animals really sealed the deal.

It would be hard to get out of bed at this one, the views at the top would convince me to stay in bed for 5 more minutes. The property seems extremely peaceful and a good place to disconnect and unwind. That hammock is calling my name! I’d love to read a book while sitting on the balcony, maybe a cup of tea also. I could easily stay on the grounds during the entirety of the trip.

With almost 5 stars all around, the reviews can speak for themselves:

-“Listen there are close to 200, 5 star reviews for the Silo. There’s a reason for that- the place is pure magic. Everything from the grounds, to the design of the silo, to the decor, to the bed, to the 365 view of the sky, and even the cows are perfection. Karen and her family are the absolute best hosts. We got engaged while at the silo so decided to buy some beautiful photography prints (taken by Karen’s son) and Christmas ornaments. We used the outdoor kitchen to make breakfast. There is not one negative thought or critique for the silo. Place is magic. Pure magic.”

-“Fabulous host, beautiful views, and such a unique place to rest and unwind!”

-“Beautiful location and views in Southwest Virginia. The 360 degree bedroom is truly a great experience on clear nights and at dawn/dusk time. Karen communicated very quickly and efficiently. Also, highly recommend getting a massage from their masseuse.”

-“Very kind host. Beautiful 360 degree view at top of silo to see mountains and sky line. Loved the hammock and bonfire night!!”

The hosts are very clear about what to expect, make sure to check the airbnb listing for details. You’ll want to note that the silo is for two guests only and no children under 12, and the property is shared with other guests. You and/or one other person can rent this for around $225 a night, I say it’s a steal and totally worth it. It seems super romantic so a trip for you and your partner would be perfect.

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