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The Most Pet-Friendly Hotel with a Purpose! | Kanab, UT

Is your dog considered an actual member of your family?! Are you tired of hearing the worst three words in the world: “no pets allowed”?! Then check out this amazing pet-centric motel in southern Utah, The Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile. It’s associated with the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, located right down the road. As part of The Best Friends Animal Society, their goal is to stop the killing of animals in shelters across the entire U.S. The Animal Sanctuary is home to dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, horses, pigs, etc, providing a safe and loving home for otherwise homeless pets. After many visitors to the area inquired about local pet-friendly hotels, the owners decided to create their own!

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The roadhouse offers a variety of room sizes from standard, to king bedroom suites, to two-level suites with a king bed and bunk bedroom.

Some of the great pet-friendly features include: no pet fees, built-in cubbies and beds for pets in each room, self-serve pet-washing facilities, complimentary pet cleaning products, pet-walking services, a fenced-in dog park and splash pad, and lots of TREATS! And what’s great for humans is that the rooms are so beautifully designed too! I love the natural wood features, white bed linens, and beautiful double-barn doors that open up to the bathroom. It’s nice that you AND your pet can stay in style here! Right next to the hotel is the hip Mercantile, which offers merchandise, prepared food, pet supplies, free coffee and continental breakfast for guests.

While visiting Utah, many people love seeing Zion National Park or Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, but I would definitely add the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to the list. The Roadhouse even offers free shuttles to the Sanctuary and two free lunch tickets to the Angel Village Cafe there. While there, you can take a guided driving tour or volunteer by doing things like cleaning, taking animals on walks, preparing and serving food, or even making toys and treats for them. I don’t know about you, but petting a furry friend is one of my favorite types of self-care. And, for those of you who don’t have a furry friend, you can actually host a sleepover at the Roadhouse with a pet from the Animal Sanctuary. It gives them a little break from the sanctuary and you get to have extra cuddles! Sounds like a win-win to me!

So if you are a true animal-lover and looking for a way to treat yourself AND your furry friend, please check out this amazing pet-friendly hotel and let us know what you (and your pet) thought of it!